Save and Download Web page as PDF in Firefox for Android

Mozilla Firefox for Android gives you full features tool to download complete website page in Portable Document Format (PDF).

You can save complete webpage in PDF using Firefox tools and can view this saved page in Adobe Reader or any other PDF reader.

Steps to save the page in PDF document:

Before following this steps we consider you have Firefox previously installed in Android device. If not than search “Firefox” in Google play, download it and install it. Follow the steps given below.Download Any Page as PDF file

Download Any Page as PDF file

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#1 Open any URL or even this webpage in Firefox Browser for Android.

#2 Press or touch left soft key, it will give you all different options. Touch “Tools” in given options.

#3 There is first option as “Save as PDF” touch it or press the cursor button as shown in below image. Hence default background page will automatically start downloading.

#4 Downloaded files will be available in “Downloads” folder in phone memory or your defined download path.

Once the PDF is saved and downloaded you can view, share, store, etc.

Sample document I have downloaded in Firefox:

Save and Download Sample File

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